Choose your Food Pyramid

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Several of you suggested that I post some graphics to “spice up” my last blog. Good idea! Here are some Food Pyramids that do a good job of illustrating the evolution of food pollicies and dietary theories.

Here is one of the original food pyramids, produced by the Department of Food and Agriculture:


Here is one that illustrates the point made in my last blog about the negative influence of Food & Ag interests, Food manufacturers, and the Government on our food policies:


Here are a few that I like which point you toward a healthy way of eating:


Eating for Weight Loss requires a different, short term food system. Here are some weight loss pyramids:


I’m guessing this would be my husband’s favorite food pyramid:


I’m guessing this would be my daughter’s favorite food pyramid:

Pizza Pramid Close Enough

Let us eat well, but let us also allow for life’s little indulgences. And let us always retain our sense of humor about all this.


Theodora Wilner, MA, RYT, HC is a Wellness Advisor and Certified Health Coach. Her newest presentation “The Government Food Pyramid is Wrong” is available upon request to

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