5 Tips for Combating Post Election Stress Syndrome? and Ushering in a Happier 2017

Many of us are suffering from the election results.

We are grieving about an assault on human kindness, honesty, and integrity. Astonishment is giving way to fear with each proposed presidential appointment

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Attention Baby Boomers: A Healthy, Energized Life in One New Wellness Book

Eat, Sleep, Seek, Stride: An Autobiographical Wellness Guide offers tips & techniques for diet and nutrition, reducing cravings, having more energy, getting more sleep, reducing stress, and finding peace.


Imagine waking up every morning after a solid night

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Food Fight; Taste Buds Under Siege

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Being Playful; Angelique Kidjo & Lila

“No matter how old you are, you will be young at heart
if you know that play renews the spirit.

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Summertime Wellness

ddoginwadingpoolThis is the time of year when the sun exerts its maximum power upon our part of the planet. This is the time of year when we move away from the inner contemplation of winter and into the outer energies of doing.

Seasonal change affects your mood, your physicality, your diet, and your sleep. It is wise to be conscious of this and to adjust. You don

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Fat News

Stamp Out Trans FatsAfter an eleven year battle, the FDA has ordered the food industry to eliminate health-damaging trans fat from the food supply. It is estimated that this move will prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7000 deaths from heart disease each year.

I think the number is much higher, but who knows. What’s most important is that this liver-damaging, artery-clogging, weight-enhancing artificial substance has finally been banned. What began with Crisco in the 50’s and continues to be used in coffee creamers, cake frostings, crackers, fried foods, and microwave popcorn, will soon be a thing of the past.

Not soon enough, in my opinion. The FDA has given the food industry 3 years to comply with this new ordinance. I get that policy changes require this sort of absurd leeway to get things done, but there is evidence that food products can be reconstituted on a much shorter timeline. Hopefully, the food industry will expedite the process.

In the meantime, let this national advisory be a warning that we need to stop buying and eating

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Mario Batali gets it right

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How Long will you Live?

My husband and I recently met with our financial planner to see how much longer we’d have to work before we could retire. A few questions had to be answered before she could crunch the numbers, most notably: HOW LONG DO YOU EXPECT TO LIVE?

I think I remember asking my grandmother this question when I was about seven, and was severely reprimanded for my insensitivity. It is not the sort of question you are likely to ask your seat-mate at your Thanksgiving Dinner.

As a Certified Health Coach I have accumulated way too much knowledge on how the food I eat, the sleep I don’t get, and the coffee I shouldn’t drink is affecting my health. Even though I am blessed with good genes from two parents who lived into their 90’s, and I drink lots of water, and I do plenty of YOGA, I know I could do more to be healthier. How does one translate this knowledge of one’s health and self-care, invariably tainted by subjectivity, into an answer to the question: How long will I live?

How long do I want to live? I only know that I want to die healthy. I don’t want any chronic disease or debilitating medical intervention to take me out. I care less about when I leave this world, than how.

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Choose your Food Pyramid

Thanks for your supportive and abundant feedback on my last post. Feel free

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Whose fault is it that we

At the end of the Legislative season,

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